Hi, I’m Will.

I’m a writer, photographer, DJ, “itinerant mystic” (a dear friend’s label for me), and currently a world-traveler on a globe-circling adventure.

This blog is the result of many people over many years prodding me (lovingly) to take my extended philosophical / spiritual / political ramblings off Facebook, and into a more accessible format. The backpacking adventure I’m currently on since March 20, 2016, only made the blog a more urgent necessity.

I intend this blog to be part documentation of my life and travels through pictures, words, and song; part outlet for the sometimes-thrilling, sometimes-revelatory, and sometimes even useful thoughts that swim through my brain on an average day; and part meditative space, where visitors can experience my unique slice of life through my eyes, and perhaps in doing so, learn something about their own.

The title of this blog “The Lost Pilgrim” refers to me. I’ll discuss it more in a future post.

And the background photograph is also of me, following a transformative life event that I will also discuss in a future post.

The Man From The Sea
The Man From The Sea – July 18, 2015
Muir Beach, CA
Photo by Geoff Herbst

Until then, welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay.


Power: Speaking truth
from a place of vulnerability.

– The ManKind Project