I’ve been in Cusco for a couple days, but have had some trouble with my Internet connection at my (otherwise fabulous) hotel. Now I’ve got it working and can make some updates.

This city is alive, vibrant, fun, and lively in a really unexpected and pleasing way. Hard to describe the spirit in the air. But it feels like one of gratitude for beauty, love, and life. Very wonderful.

The city reminds me in very deep ways of Fez, Morocco, and Medellín, Colombia – both all-time favorites. And of course the cool, dry desert climate is welcome after several weeks in the sweltering and humid jungle. For example, now all my clothes are dry!

Cusco Map

The city is also quite touristic, though, with many Western travelers on their way to nearby Macchu Picchu (my destination Saturday morning). But if you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend this city as a destination unto itself.

After today I’ll be in Aguas Calientes (the closest town to Macchu Picchu) and then the nearby town of Ollantaytambo. So as not to flood this blog with “Arrivals” posts for locales basically right on top of each other, this Arrivals post will stand in for Aguas Calientes and Macchu Picchu, itself.

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