It was very difficult leaving Colombia. Though I only spent 2 weeks there, I met some of the best, most impactful, and wonderful people of my entire trip. Maria (who helped inspire my post on Loneliness) and her boyfriend Johnny, Kim, Bambos, Alejo, Tata, Ana/Anita, and more. Not to mention hearing my friend Atish play at the famous club Baum.

Plus having spent 10 days in Medellín and 4 days in Bogotá, there is still so much to see! Colombia seems to me to be a country of wonders, and I can’t wait to discover more. If you’re planning a South American vacation, I highly recommend Colombia.

But now I am in the city of Iquitos, Peru, in the Northern Amazon, preparing for an intensive healing retreat. I’ve been looking forward to this for awhile. I’m nervous, excited, apprehensive, and making my way towards physical, emotional, and intellectual readiness. Wish me luck. <3

Map of Iquitos


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