I’m back from an amazing 10 days in the Peruvian jungle!

Lima map

Well, actually I got back 3 days ago, but my Airbnb’s wifi wouldn’t connect to my laptop. This hostel works much better. 🙂

I’m currently staying in the tourist-friendly Miraflores district of Lima, which reminds me of a combination of parts of LA (mostly Santa Monica) and SF (the Mission and the Financial District.)

Peru itself is going through a fascinating modernization process, which is evident in the stark contrast between the essentially un-Westernized rural areas with dirt floors in the homes, and the wealthy and technologically-advanced neighborhood I’m currently staying in, with a Starbucks and free urban wifi.

Not that I’m saying modernization is a good process overall, because I’m not certain it is. And the locals I’ve spoken with say that beneath the surface, it’s a very complicated and stressful time for Peruvians. That much I definitely understand, especially in terms of the massive (and apparently growing) income inequality that is so apparent with basically a one-hour plane ride.

But as a study of a country and culture in transition, it’s fascinating to watch and experience. Two very different ways of life, and two very different eras of development, live in one country at the same time.

Five to ten years ago, it wouldn’t have been like this. And five to ten years from now, it won’t be.

I hope to write more about Peru in the days to come.

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